Voices of Global Health: Multifaith work

Aisha Jumaan.

Aisha Jumaan.

Sometimes it seems there’s a global war in global health, with faith-based and secular organizations at each other’s throats: competing interests; differences in approaching medical treatment with-and-without a faith component; funding sources with-and-without religious strings attached.

Bernice Kegel brings Jewish insights as a leader of the "Perspectives" discussion July 13, 2012.

Bernice Kegel.

Three Seattleites–Jewish, Muslim, and Christian–are instrumental in addressing those global health suspicions. Bernice Kegel, Aisha Jumaan, and David Brenner are Jewish, Islamic, and Christian chairs of “Perspectives: How Faith Based and Secular Organizations Partner for Better Global Health”  on July 13, 2012. This discussion–at Seattle Center’s McCaw Hall–will focus on how different faiths can collaborate and work together on global health issues.

David Brenner heads up the Christian component at the July 13, 2012 "Perspectives" gathering.

David Brenner.

In this “Voices of Global Health” WGHA blog post, the three leaders talk extensively about  faith-based concerns in global health, and solutions.

Highlights: Dave Brenner deeply moved by a talk from global health giant Dr. Bill Foege. Aisha Jumaan on a young Ugandan girl’s pain in losing her mother to cervical cancer. Bernice Kegel in the Dominican Republic, post-Haiti earthquake, amid the losses and injuries witnessing a ‘celebration of life.’


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Voices of Global Health: Dr. Judy Wasserheit

Dr. Judy Wasserheit, UW Global Health  I met Dr. Judy Wasserheit several years ago, when I was trying to figure out how I could integrate my journalism experience and my growing interest in global health without going back to school for a PhD or M.D. She was extremely helpful.

In this “Voices of Global Health” blog post, Dr. Wasserheit remembers her fascination with global health long before it was ever called ‘global health.’ [Now the term is so well used in Seattle that it’s even shortened to “GH.”]

As an M.D., MPH, and professor, today she is vice-chair of the UW’s Global Health department, specializing in sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and HIV research.

Highlights: Desire to ‘make a difference.’  Working with like-minded dedicated people. Her thoughts on Bangladeshi vs. U.S. nose-blowing.


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Faith+Secular=Global Health ‘Perspectives’ (w/video)

Here’s my YouTube video question for Sunday’s (free) groundbreaking gathering on how faith-based and secular organizations can partner for better global health.

Bill Gates Sr. of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and World Vision’s Rich Stearns are just two of the keynote panelists – yes‘Perspectives’ is one of many global health events for Seattle’s July ‘Global Health Month’ through the Washington Global Health Alliance.

You can  RSVP for free tickets at the ‘Perspectives’ ticket page or on Facebook’s ‘Perspectives’ event page. It’s from 1-3 p.m., Sunday, July 15th, 2012, in McCaw Hall at Seattle Center (near the Space Needle.)  Can’t wait!



Voices of Global Health: Bernhard Weigl

Bernhard Weigl of PATH (Photo: WGHA)

Bernhard Weigl of PATH (Photo: WGHA)

For Bernhard Weigl, global health innovations are all about simplicity, low cost, and usability. He’s hooked on devices that are easy to use at home, like treatments for diabetes in developing countries.

In this “Voices of Global Health” WGHA blog post, Bernhard talks about his work as director of the NIH-funded “Center for Point-of-Care Testing” for Global Health, and also a senior technology officer at PATH in Seattle.

Highlights: Passion for chronic diseases, especially diabetes. Moved by a dedicated young diabetes patient in Tanzania.

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Voices of Global Health: Lisa Cohen

Lisa Cohen_WGHA In an earlier lifetime, Lisa Cohen and I worked at KIRO-TV, the CBS affiliate in Seattle, Washington. Lisa was a driven news producer, earning respect and admiration of her colleagues with her focus and attention to details — and details matter in TV news.

In this blog post from “Voices of Global Health,” Lisa tells her story about life beyond TV news and into the world of global health as founder and executive director of Washington Global Health Alliance.

Highlights: Traveling to Africa with the Gates Foundation. The power of simple ideas, like Uniject syringes. Working with smart, dedicated people. Helping deliver a baby in Africa.

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