Global Health ABCs (w/videos)

First, if  you want to see some of my favorite global health videos that I’ve shot – all in one place – click on this link.

 1. Simple Lessons in Global Health

ABCs of global health Keep in mind: These are simple A-B-C building blocks in understanding global health. It’s easy to create a much more complex structure – but not here.
‘Tower of Babel’: Global Health Jargon
From Latrines to Vaccines: Determinants of Health (WITH VIDEO)
Checkup Time: Global Health Indicators (WITH VIDEO)
MDGs: Saving the World by 2015 (WITH VIDEO)
Scary Stuff: Newly Emerging Infectious Diseases (coming soon!)

2. Key Players in Global Health

Keep in mind: The group(s) they serve; their history and structure; funding–follow the money; accountability– from transparent to veiled; their monitoring and evaluation; and their ethics.
Who’s Who in Global Health

3. Key Questions in Global Health

Global health questions Keep in mind: Global health discussions can be very dense, intense, and intellectually satisfying. No wonder the world’s brightest minds and most generous philanthropists are devoted to deconstructing and tackling the world’s toughest health issues. Yet, it boils down to framing four main themes.
The Heart of Global Health? Questions


4. My Own Global Health Lessons, from Montana to Uzbekistan

Lesson 1: Sparking the Passion
As a TV news reporter/producer working on medical/health issues, I thought I knew tons. Then I got sick in Uzbekistan. Result: that sickness infected me with passion for all things global health.
Lesson 2: My Own Montana
Studied in an academic setting, global health can seem so distant, so ‘over there’–like Africa. But it’s as real as my own American birthplace, my own family history — my own Montana.
Lesson 3: “Seasick: The Explosion of Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis in Karakalpakstan, Uzbekistan” (excerpt)
This research paper and presentation for an introductory global health class sparked my passion for infectious diseases and vaccines.