Voices of Global Health: Dr. David Fleming

IT’S COUNTDOWN TIME to July’s “Global Health Month in Seattle!”

Today’s “Voice of Global Health” is Seattle’s Dr. David Fleming of Public Health-Seattle & King County. He wakes up the world with three words describing Washington State’s global health: “Better than Geneva.” Read Dr. Fleming’s entire blog post–with those stunning three words– here.

Dr. David Fleming & butterfly (!)

He’s very approachable! A butterfly lands on Dr. David Fleming, Director of Public Health for Seattle-King County. (Photo credit: WGHA)

 “Global health work at its core is simply being part of the human family and recognizing that those that have much have an obligation to those who have little….whether we live in Mozambique or Moses Lake.” –Dr. David Fleming

Indeed. And, I might add, whether we live in Mozambique, Moses Lake — or Montana.

Global health is local health– right here in Seattle, as in the innovative “Global-to-Local” program to help our own in South King County.

Our own human family.

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