Global Health Video Mini-Lessons

I’m a very visual person, thus no surprise that I’ve loved working in TV news. Even today, just for fun I still still shoot, report, and edit my own videos –from cell phones and Flip cameras to full-fledged high-def camcorders with picky audio.

I’m in the process of shooting and editing short videos for these global health sections — unscripted 1:00-ish (about one minute) lessons on a subject in global health.  I’ll be posting them one by one, as I finish them. All the videos will be listed on this page for easy access, and the videos themselves sprinkled throughout ‘Global Health Lessons.’

After all, I think global health – with all its challenges and all its solutions – is stunningly visual.


 Text LessonSaving the World by 2015: Millennium Development Goals

 Text Lesson: From Latrines to Vaccines: Health Determinants

 Text Lesson: Checkup Time: Global Health Indicators

 Here’s my latest video, a possible question for the ‘Perspectives global health panel Sunday, July 15th, 2012.

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